Software Development:

We at TechArgus focus on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development. With a rich and varied experience in providing software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors.

Software can be developed for a variety of purposes, the most common purpose are as below:

  • • Custom Software for specific purpose/needs

  • • Commercial or Open Source Software for perceived need

  • • Automated/Embedded Software for controlling different process

Software development is the computer programming, documenting, and testing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product.

The above term refers to a process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense of the term it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, ideally in a planned and structured process. Therefore, software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

As a software development service provider, TechArgus use modern software development platforms, application development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices. We help our customers to develop custom software applications and assist them throughout the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, development, implementation, training and application maintenance.

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with offshore software outsourcing services. Our strong technical team can help ensure that the offshore software development services we provide fit your business needs and meet your expectations.

Technologies used for Software Development